Celebrating the Power of Art

Welcome to OakdaleARTS, a vibrant collective established in 2019 with a mission to elevate the presence of art in our community. Guided by our motto, “Increasing the visibility of art through education, events, and experience,” we advocate for art as an integral part of daily life. Through various projects, including public murals, supporting local artists, and engaging children’s art events, OakdaleARTS strives to connect with a diverse audience, fostering a deeper appreciation for artistic expression. Join us in our journey to make art accessible to all and create a more vibrant, culturally enriched community.

Oakdale Cowboy


Location: 160 N. Yosemite @ East E Street November 2020
Muralist: Cameron Moberg 
Designed by: OakdaleARTS

Read Know Grow


Location: 231 East F Street @ South Third Ave February 2022
Muralist: Joel Aguilar 
Designed by: OakdaleARTS

Oakdale Rodeo Mural


Location: 401 East F Street (H-B Saloon)
April 2022
Muralist: Joel Aguilar 
Designed by: OakdaleARTS

The Herd Mural

Dickerson’s Sheep

Location: 332 West F Street
August 2022
Artist/Muralist: Lindsey Wetenkamp

Community Garden

Community Garden

Location: Community Garden, Oakdale CA
April 2023
Artist: Joel Aguilar

Taking Flight

Taking Flight

Location: 213 East F Street @ South Third Ave April 2023
Artist/Muralist: Emily Ding

Our Mission

Increasing the visibility and awareness of art in the community through education, experiences, and events.